Join leaders involved in social procurement

Social procurement champions come together at Frankston Social Enterprise Hub to:

  • share knowledge, challenges and opportunities around social procurement.
  • connect with social enterprises, aspiring social entrepreneurs and other members of the community looking to engage with social procurement opportunities.

Social procurement champions also get:

  • access to free coworking days (every Friday during school term).
  • to be surrounded by purpose-driven people from all walks of life.
  • regular events at the Hub.s.

Importantly, the Hub provides a space for Social Procurement Champions to meet, connect and cowork. This includes connecting with local social enterprises.

Frankston Social Enterprise Hub is a place where social enterprises come for mentoring and support, providing an important ‘bridge’ between large organisations’ social procurement strategies and the broader sector development activities of the Hub.

About social procurement in our region

In the Southern Metropolitan region of Melbourne there is a relatively low concentration of social enterprises. As a result, social procurement targets have the potential to actually drive economic activity and jobs out of the region.

This problem is felt most acutely by local governments, corporates and other institutions whose social license depends heavily on community engagement and their ability to create and share value with the communities in which they operate.

Building local social enterprise sector capacity will help keep these jobs local.

Frankston and southern metropolitan social procurement network

“It has been very positive to connect with other organisations at the Hub meetings and to share ideas and experiences in social procurement. “

- Tim Myles, Social Sustainability Manager, , Acciona (SPA)
Social procurement network
People sitting at a table participating in a workshop