Meet the Collaborative Leadership Team

Published On: November 27, 2023Categories: News1.4 min read

Meet the Hub Leadership Team

The Frankston Social Enterprise Hub is excited to introduce its new Collaborative Leadership Team, a collective of seasoned and dynamic professionals dedicated to fostering social enterprise in Melbourne’s Southern Metropolitan region.

Our Collaborative Leadership Team:

  • Andrew Curtis
  • Matt Perfect
  • Xanthe Rivett

Together they will be focused on the continued growth of the Hub and delivering on the Hub’s Theory of Change – building on the great work delivered by both Amber Earles and Skye Bennett.

Andrew Curtis – Andrew’s expertise spans founding, managing, and directing roles in various charities and social enterprises. Specialising in strategic development, he is adept at transforming under-utilised properties and resources for social impact. Driven by a deep-seated commitment to justice and equity, Andrew addresses systemic injustice with innovative solutions. Along with extensive experience and expertise, Andrew has a PhD from Oxford University.

Matt Perfect – Matt harnesses his experience in management consulting and corporate procurement to mentor and foster growth in for-purpose businesses using the power of social procurement. Matt is a skilled negotiator, facilitator, mentor and business development strategist. At the Hub, he’s a regular coworker, mentor, and facilitator of the Champions Social Procurement Network.

Xanthe Rivett – Xanthe’s experience in advocacy, marketing, and communication spans various sectors, including nonprofits, social enterprises, business and government. Skilled in innovation and engagement, she has contributed to a wide range of projects and organisations. Xanthe excels as a coach, facilitator, and trainer, focusing on helping purpose-driven organisations to realise sustainable growth and make a lasting positive impact.

“We’re thrilled to be taking this innovative, collaborative approach to partner with the Hub community and grow the impact of the Hub in 2024 and beyond.” 

– Andrew, Matt and Xanthe.

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