Frankston Social Enterprise Hub Launches

Published On: February 18, 2022Categories: News2.7 min read

Peninsula Health, Chisholm Institute and Frankston Foundry have partnered to launch the Frankston Social Enterprise Hub, based at Chisholm’s Frankston Campus. The Hub will help maximise the performance of social enterprises in the Frankston Mornington Peninsula region, supporting them to create jobs in the local area, particularly for disadvantaged job seekers.

With support from the Victorian Government, the Frankston Social Enterprise Hub is offering free co-working opportunities, free mentoring, free workshops, and networking to social enterprises.

“There are up to 150 social enterprises in the Frankston Mornington Peninsula (FMP) region with at least 31 social enterprises based in or serving the FMP region that would like support from Frankston Social Enterprise Hub,” said Frankston MP, Paul Edbrooke. “Whether it is delivering public programs, programs for students, programs for business or programs for NFPs, the Frankston Social Enterprise Hub will be there to support social enterprise continue investing in our amazing community.”

Research shows that different forms of social enterprise impact positively on individual health; by engendering a feeling of ownership and control; improving physical and social environments, and providing or facilitating meaningful employment. Social enterprise can also positively impact community health by providing needed goods and services or contributing to improved local employment and welfare services systems.

“Successful partnerships are key in finding innovative solutions to chronic health and social issues,” said Felicity Topp, Peninsula Health’s Chief Executive. “Peninsula Health is proud to be delivering the Frankston Social Enterprise Hub, alongside Chisholm Institute and Frankston Foundry, with the support of the Victorian State Government.” “We are excited to collaborate on an initiative that is going to help to grow social enterprises in our region,” added Ms Topp. “More social enterprises means more businesses contributing to the growth of strong, healthy communities and supporting our most disadvantaged populations.”

Frankston Social Enterprise Hub offers young people the opportunity to participate in the Future XP program, where they will volunteer on a project with a local social enterprise, delivering valuable work experience. This is to help support the increasing levels of young people not in employment and training in the Frankston Mornington Peninsula region.

Chisholm Director and CEO Stephen Varty says the partnership will create a range of opportunities. “Our focus at Chisholm is to provide quality education and training, which leads to real career outcomes. Our role is also to provide the options and support for disadvantaged youth so that they can have a positive start to their career. We are very excited to be partnering with Frankston Foundry and Peninsula Health to further support our youth and local community,” Mr Varty said.

Regarding its role in the project delivery, CEO of the Frankston Foundry, Cameron Rambert, said, “Frankston Foundry has always been an ambassador for local innovation and new venture development. Social Enterprises, in particular, have played a pivotal role for Frankston – we’re delighted to help educate and further enable more structured and ambitious entrepreneurial activity within this sector.” 

Amber Earles, Coordinator of the Frankston Social Enterprise Hub, said, “Frankston Social Enterprise Hub is a crucial initiative if we are to have a strong social enterprise sector creating employment and training opportunities in the region.”


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