Empowering Impact: Celebrating World Social Enterprise Day 2023

Published On: October 12, 2023Categories: News1.8 min read

World Social Enterprise Day is a special day to raise awareness of the impact and innovation that social enterprises create.

This World Social Enterprise Day we will cast a spotlight on the remarkable journey and transformative power of social enterprise. As we commemorate this special day, we will delve into the heart of these organisations that blend profit-making with purpose. While many businesses give back through a range of mechanisms, social enterprises’ entire business model is designed around addressing a social or environmental issue.

Social enterprises have etched an indelible mark in various communities, not merely as businesses but as catalysts of change, fostering economic growth, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability.

Some notable Australian social enterprises that you may have heard of are Good Cycles and Who Gives a Crap. Did you know we also have a range of great local social enterprises across the southern metropolitan, Frankston and Mornington Peninsula regions? These include: Djambana Catering, Happiness First, Wallara, Good Little Brush, SP Worx, Flow Landscapes, Women’s Spirit Project and more. You can read about them on our Meet a Local Social Enterprise page.

This World Social Enterprise Day, we celebrate their drive, determination, innovative solutions to societal challenges, and their pivotal role in sculpting a future where business and impact come together.

If you haven’t had a chance to join us at Frankston Social Enterprise Hub event, this is a great opportunity to come and learn more about social enterprise and connect with a community of purpose-driven business leaders.

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What makes social enterprise different from a traditional business?

Social enterprise intertwines a steadfast commitment to social, cultural, or environmental missions with robust, sustainable business model. Unlike traditional businesses, which primarily focus on generating profits for shareholders, social enterprises reinvest their profits back into their mission, amplifying their ability to effect positive change. They navigate through the delicate balance of achieving financial sustainability whilst ensuring that their social objectives are not overshadowed by economic pursuits. From empowering marginalised communities to pioneering eco-friendly practices, social enterprises walk a path that incorporates entrepreneurial spirit with impact initiatives, sowing seeds of change that create long term positive outcomes.

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