Welcome to the Frankston Social Enterprise Hub

Frankston Social Enterprise Hub is a place where business and purpose combine to do good things for people, place and planet.
Local social enterprise

Meet a local social enterprise

Social entrepreneurship combines profit and positive impact, the Hub is home to a community of individuals, organisations and businesses contributing to a better future for our region. Meet some of our local social enterprsies.

Free coworking

Want the chance to work alongside people with a social and environmental conscience based in or serving the Southern Metropolitan region of Melbourne? Connect with others, boost productivity and creativity all for free at Frankston Social Enterprise Hub.


Free hands-on support

We will meet you where you’re at. What support do you need for your social enterprise? Maybe you need to generate income, build a website to sell your wares or access social procurement opportunities. Whatever your need, start by booking your first session with us. All sessions are free.

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